With over a decade of experience at hundreds of events, DJ*DG is sure to make your next event a success. Fully licensed and insured, DJ*DG works with every budget to create the best dance experience possible. For rates, booking, and availability, click HERE


Vegas-Style Light Shows

A crowd’s first impression of an event is crucial. High-impact lighting extends beyond initial reactions, and keeps students energized and excited throughout the event. DJ*DG has an extensive lighting inventory of custom truss structures, intelligent fixtures, custom gobo projection, lasers, uplighting, fog, and more to ensure your event’s success.


Music Video Mixing

Watch the music you’re listening to throughout the night! DJ*DG combines sight and sound for a one-of-a-kind experience with a library of over 1,500 videos ranging from classic hits to the hot tracks of tomorrow. A custom ambient clip specifically tailored to your event’s theme is complementary with every Music Video Mixing package. Click HERE to see DJ*DG mixing music videos live.


Sound and Staging

DJ*DG customizes the sound reinforcement for every event. Whether you need amplification for 50 or 5,000, your sound system will be perfectly tailored. A sound system is only as good as the music coming out of it, and DJ*DG has a library of over 10,000 songs to entertain your audience. Looking for an increase in student interaction at dances? Ask about DJ*DG’s custom lighted dance platforms and stages to take your event to the next level!


Certified Party Rocking Experience

The key to a successful high school dance is having a great DJ who knows how to rock the crowd – ask any student. A veteran of the party scene, DJ*DG performed over 100 events in the last school year alone. DJ*DG is no stranger to keeping crowds dancing, pulling from his experiences in Hollywood clubs and monthly radio show to keep everyone energized and having fun. Make sure to ask about on-site demos during lunch hours or an assembly to create a buzz for the upcoming dance!